New to this year's conference is the 'Round-the-Room Updates prior to lunch.  In response to feedback from previous conferences, this time slot will provide YOU with an opportunity to share any updates or announcements on herp happenings at your organization or in your area.  Examples include:
  • recent research findings or planned research/survey projects; 
  • conservation actions or opportunities; 
  • observations of disease/die-offs; 
  • emerging conservation concerns; 
  • recent publications of interest; 
  • opportunities for volunteer involvement; 
  • graduate student opportunities; and, 
  • other herp related news in Ohio.  
These updates will be informal and short (1-2 min).  If necessary, 1 or 2 slides (maximum) can accompany the update.  Please indicate if you are willing to provide an update by clicking on the appropriate box when you register.  If you have any questions, please contact me.